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“55% of the world’s super funds are invested in fossil fuels”



No one want’s climate change; not even the fossil fuel companies. It adds to their regulations, it lowers demand for their product, and makes their life harder.

They continue for one reason: Profit. Without profit, there is no need to continue. Super funds give money to fossil fuel companies, so they can expand operations, dig out more fossil fuels, and earn you money for your retirement.

Stop to reflect on what ithat means. Part of the reason that companies like BP, Exxon, Shell and other continue to pollute is because you and I have specifically paid them to do it.

It’s gross. The banks and the financial institutions have let us down. They have taken the fun out of ‘funds management’ and the ‘wellbeing’ out of wealth management. 

They’re wrecking the planet with our money.

Or at least they will be until you swap to an ethical super fund.

It is easy to underestimate just how deftly powerful this action is. 

It makes it harder for fossil fuel companies to get the money they need to operate. It gives more money to their competitors, helping them to ‘leap frog’ and catch up to the dominance of the old and now broken way of working.

But it does more than that.

By swapping your money to funds that are both financially and environmentally sustainable, you help to disprove the lie that pollution is a part of profit. You help build the new world, where money isn’t just a financial instrument, but another tool to be used to build the world we want to see.

A world that isn’t built for the elite few.
But a world that is built for me and you. 

Action Steps

That’s it! In the process of signing up to the new super, they will provide you with the opportunity to consolidate your super, revise your insurances, and make other decisions


Good Alternatives

NOTE: The above does not constitute as financial advice and all information is of a general nature. Please consider your personal circumstance and consult a professional financial advisor. We’ll connect you to helpful information. You make your own decision.

Action Advice

  • Many people are losing money by paying fees for multiple super funds. Whether you swap to an ethical fund or not, you should consolidate using this tool from the ATO.
  • It’s easy to delay, but can be done in as little as 10 minutes. Set the time aside, get a beverage of your choosing, and get it done.
  • Many people pay for insurance that they never need or use. Consult financial advice to discover if it truly meets your circumstances.

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