Say no to gas bailouts

About this Climate Action

Oil and gas companies are attempting to use the COVID-19 health crisis to get publicly funded bailouts from the Morrison government — we can’t let them get away with this. 

Sign this petition to demand the Prime Minister rule out any public money or concessions for the oil and gas industry. 

Dear Prime Minister, 

The oil and gas industry is trying to use the economic recovery from the COVID-19 crisis as a way to get public money for polluting projects that are bad for our climate and opposed by local communities.

We are calling on you to back a People’s Recovery and rule out supporting the gas industry in any way, including by not: 

  • Providing direct subsidies to gas projects.
  • Underwriting gas projects.
  • Weakening environmental protection laws
  • Providing royalty breaks or reducing tax obligations.

The oil and gas industry is failing across the globe — the writings on the wall, these fossil fuels must stay in the ground. It makes no sense for the government to back a failing industry.

 We won’t stand by and let the government burn public money that could be spent on a #People’sRecovery, by handing it to gas companies who’ll destroy our climate, land and water. Not on our watch. 

  • Business Ethics
  • Climate
  • Renewable Energy

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