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Download Our Cookbook ‘Climate-Smart Cooking and the Future of Food’

About this Climate Action

Food is one of the most important things in our lives. Beyond our physical need for nutrition, food brings us together. It unites families around the dinner table. It documents cultures and places and traditions. It marks some of our most important events.

And it is critically threatened by the climate crisis.

Why? Because if we keep burning fossil fuels at our current rates, food may become harder to grow in many places and harder to access in others, and what does grow could be less and less nutritious.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Learn why in our latest free e-book, Climate-Smart Cooking and the Future of Food.

In this downloadable PDF, you’ll discover the ways the climate crisis threatens our farms and food systems and how we can work to both reduce that threat and transform agriculture so that it works for the planet.

(You’ll also find some yummy recipes from our trained Climate Reality Leader activists who are taking climate action right in their kitchens – and tips for how you can too!)

A sustainable future is in sight – but we cannot take it for granted. We must fight for the future we all believe in. Now, more than ever, our planet needs us.

Discover the ways we can farm better and how you can make choices at the market that support a brighter, better food future in Climate-Smart Cooking and the Future of Food.

Download our free e-book now to get started!

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