You can help Ukraine more than you think.

You are not powerless to impact the war in Ukraine.

We are led to believe that the world’s issues are too complex, too immediate, too big, and too far out of our control for us to make a difference.

They are wrong.

Australia’s response matters.

You matter.

We matter.

Our actions matter.

Everything we do matters.

I’m not saying this to make you feel better, or because I am an optimist (Disclaimer: I’m not)

I’m saying this because it is true.

Every action you take helps to re-enforce a story of the world to yourself and others. A story that says: Goodness will always win.

How we got here

The war in Ukraine is a symptom, not a cause, of the world we live in.

War is what happens when we turn people into consumers, nature into commodities, community into corporations, collaboration into competition, and communication into conflict.

This war is just another example in a long, long line of evidence that confirms something that we all know: the system is broken.

Sadly, this war is not an exception. It is just one of the more than 40 wars that are currently happening across the world right now [SOURCE]

Only a few atrocities make it onto western TV screens.

But millions live with the reality of war every single day.

Whilst we in the West don’t see or hear of these wars, we feel their impacts.

We see cheap oil that conflicts raging in the Middle-East provide. We enjoy the cheap commodities flowing out of political instability in South Asia. We enjoy an overly healthy financial market as those in war-torn Africa and East Europe look to us and our allies as prosperous and stable countries to put their money in, further holding back the development of their homelands.

But there is hope.

Somewhat ironically, these forces of greed and wilful ignorance create the perfect breeding grounds for it’s opposite, and overwhelming stronger forces: 


And Compassion.

what we are going to do about it:

You can't do all the good the world needs. But the world needs all the good you can do.


We have compiled actions to guide you through the process, to make sure you are aware not only what you can do, but why it matters.

Why, when we take action, there is a smile on the face of someone in a foreign land that gets a little brighter.

That remembers that the world cares.

That we are all in this together.

And that peace is the only way.


Let’s do this.


Next Steps

1. Support Ukrainians

2. Defund the War Machine

3. Pressure Government to ACT

4. REad and spread the truth

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