Air Quality and Health in the Hunter

Learn about
• The damaging effects of air pollution from burning coal on the lungs of both children and adults
• What can be done to decrease air pollution in the Hunter
• The relationship between COVID-19, bushfires and air quality

Climate Change and Human Health: an introduction to the health effects of climate change

Climate change is a health issue. The climate crisis has been described as the greatest threat to human health this century. For health practitioners the health effects are becoming increasingly apparent and a part of their daily professional lives. They are going to become more obvious and more severe as the climate crisis deepens. This webinar provides an introduction to the health effects of climate change and is aimed at GPs and other health practitioners. It is vital that the medical profession understands this greatest of all health threats so that they act in the best interests of the patients and the community.

Doctors for the Environment

Doctors for the Environment Australia is a national voluntary organisation of medical doctors and students.

Good health is inextricably linked to healthy, stable environments. Our mission is ‘to protect health through care of the environment’.