ACF Chisholm, VIC: Project Planning Group

ACF Community Chisholm will be having a project planning group meeting on Wednesday, 18 November at 7.00 PM. Join our monthly action group meeting – talk with like minded people and plan what we will be doing to combat the climate crisis and bring about a fair and just diversification to a carbon neutral Australia.

ACF Griffith Electorate group – November online meeting

ACF Griffith will be planning our next stall at the West End markets and some opportunities to get-together locally and support nature. Also, the November meeting will be a chance to discuss the state election, Queensland’s environment and how we can continue to make a difference.

Clean Recovery petitioning party

Our petition to Trevor Evans, MP for Brisbane, calling on him to support our campaign for a clean economic recovery, is out there and gathering signatures. But we need more! Please come and help us spread the word about it via social media. We’ll have some fun and some snacks, and maybe plan a few more signature-gathering tactics.