ClimActs is a non-profit, voluntary-run performance collective with the express purpose of holding powerful polluters and their enablers (such as politicians, media, financiers) responsible for the climate and biodiversity crisis to account.

Clean State

Clean State is an independent initiative advocating for action on climate change and jobs in Western Australia. We represent thousands of individuals and hundreds of businesses and other organisations who are dedicated to climate action across the state. We promote solutions that create thousands of jobs supporting businesses, families and communities and make our state a fairer, safer place to live and work.

Totally Renewable Yackandandah

Totally Renewable Yackandandah is a 100% volunteer run community group, formed in 2014, with the lofty goal of powering this small Victorian town with 100% renewable energy and achieving energy sovereignty by 2022.

Beyond Coal

Australia Beyond Coal is a movement of everyday people, supported by experts, scientists, businesses and environment organisations — advocating for the closure of every coal-fired power station in Australia, replacing them with 100% renewable energy by 2030. United by our commitment to see Australia take meaningful action on climate change, the organisation has come together […]

Better Futures Australia

Better Futures Australia aims to inspire action and demonstrate Australia’s readiness to address climate change today from its climate champions from all walks of life sharing plans and achievements. The organisation is working to build local cross-sectoral networks, showcase individual and collaborative climate action, and invite all Australians to join a growing community of climate […]

Bathurst Community Climate Action Network

The Bathurst Community Climate Action Network (BCCAN) was established in 2006 by members of the local community concerned by what they were learning about greenhouse gas emissions and their impact on the global climate. It came about from a group of individuals who sought to be involved in the Bathurst Region response to one of […]

Australian Forests and Climate Alliance

The Australian Forests and Climate Alliance aims to end native forest logging, mitigate climate change impact and protect biodiversity, water and natural ecosystems in Australia. The group provides a national network for forest and climate campaigners around the country, builds alliances with relevant organisations and groups, and lobbies with the government and people in leadership […]

Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance

The Australian Firefighters Climate Alliance are firefighters who have sworn to protect our families, our homes and our environment, they come together to advocate for stronger action on climate change.

Positive Change for Marine Life

Through understanding, education and respect, Positive Change for Marine Life develop long-term solutions to marine conservation issues worldwide alongside local communities who rely on the ocean for survival.

Climate KIC

Climate-KIC Australia is a knowledge and innovation community established and funded by a national collaboration of private and public sector organisations in 2017.